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rider university students unite!

past and present students of rider university
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hi and welcome to rider's livejournal community!

* are you a current student wasting your time on livejournal instead of studying?
* are you a former student who's curious about what's happening at rider?
* are you either an incoming freshman or fresh meat a prospective student curious about what to expect from rider?
* are you transferring to rider and in need of answers to your questions?
* are you just looking to make new friends?

then go steal a chair from one of the lounges, microwave a bowl of ramen noodles and chill out here for a while. bring your friends, too!

we all know that the only thing radder than being a slave to livejournal is joining your college's lj community. the atmosphere we've got going here is pretty informal, but that doesn't mean we can't be serious every now and again. make rider-related observations, promote your clubs and activities, incite a discussion, introduce yourself, whatever.... just don't be a douche bag because no one really likes that. thanks a ton, loves.

-- links! --
*rider university: rider's website
*virtualratings: what students have to say about their professors
*ratemyprofessor: not as good as the former, but still informative
*blackboard: because your professors may be crazy enough to use it
*facebook: an online directory and networking community for both rider and other college students
*virtual dorm planner: perhaps a bit dated, but still rather useful

this community is brought to you by cantgetenough, tangerinedream and their desperate attempt at a preventative measure against studying for their spring 2004 finals. since cantgetenough is now a grad student at upenn and tangerinedream is a real-life journalist, they're willing to let the moderation duties fall to a current student.

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